Syzygy Cares

Syzygy Cares About the Environment

F E W   T H I N G S   A R E    M O R E    E N V I R O N M E N T A L L Y     S O U N D    T H A N     P R O D U C T S    T H A T    E N D U R E

AT SYZYGY TILEWORKS we are dedicated to producing a truly handmade, aesthetically
pleasing product that is durable and environmentally safe, and benefits the local community
artistically, economically and environmentally.

Our Tile

• Our tile is chemically stable, and therefore does not interfere with indoor air quality
• Our tile is free of CFCs, HCFCs and other ozone depleting substances
• Our tile is easy to maintain with mild biodegradable cleaners
• Our tile is durable, and will last a lifetime

Our Manufacturing Space & Process

• We work in a renovated 1938 industrial building which had been abandoned
• We recycle/reuse clay excess by running it through a pug mill and forming it back into tiles
• We only glaze by hand using brushes; there is no glaze overspray
• We filter and reuse glaze
• We sell seconds and overstocks, or donate them to Habitat for Humanity Restore for resale
• We light our manufacturing facility with natural lighting
• We use passive solar gain to maximize heating efficiency
• We use dust collectors to keep the air clean in work spaces
• We pack shipments with reused and recycled cardboard packaging and bio-degradable
  (water soluble) packing material
• We recycle office products with local recycling authorities (plastic, glass, paper)
• We use local sources for office and manufacturing materials and services whenever possible

Our People
• Our workers are locally hired and live within close proximity to the business
• Our employees are artisans and craftsmen; they are central to our operation and we strive to
   create a product and working environment that fosters pride and enthusiasm among them.

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