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cotto anduluz

Cotto Andaluz recalls the antique terracotta of Spain and Morocco, where it has been used as flooring for hundreds of years. As was common in the past, but is uncommon today, our Cotto Andaluz is completely handmade, from the clay preparation to the forming of the shapes. After firing, we add old world texture with the Rustico finish, creating a terracotta of unique lasting beauty. Perfectly suited for interior spaces, Cotto Andaluz can fit effortlessly into traditional or contemporary design.


Colors Offered

Tile Thickness

2x9", 3x6", 6" Hexagon, 6x6"Square

Red Rustico, Yellow Rustico


Sizes Offered 2 x 9, 4 x 8, 6" Hexagon, 6" Squares



Cotto Andaluz 2x9 Red Rustico

6" Hexagon

Cotto Andaluz 6" Hexagon Red Rustico


Cotto Andaluz 2x9 Yellow Rustico

6" Hexagon

Cotto Andaluz 6" Hexagon Yellow Rustico


Cotto Andaluz 4x8 Red Rustico


Cotto Andaluz 6x6 Red Rustico


Cotto Andaluz 4x8 Yellow Rustico


Cotto Andaluz 6x6 Yellow Rustico

Cotto Andaluz terracotta tiles are made entirely by hand and antiqued to create a unique patina. Each tile will be different from the next. Please expect the following characteristics which are inherent and intended characteristics in authentic handmade tiles.

  • Chips and imperfections on the tile face
  • Variation in thickness and flatness
  • Variation in color/shade between tile pieces
  • Lime pops
  • Efflorescence on some tiles
  • Color tone variation in different production lots

Variation between samples and tiles received is possible, as handmade techniques make shade and color variation an inherent part of the product. Samples received before shipments should be considered indicative of color only.

All Cotto Andaluz tiles should be laid out and approved by owner or owner’s representative for approval prior to installation. Bullnose Tile & Stone and Driftwood Design Lab cannot honor any claims made for the characteristics listed above if claimed as defects after installation.

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