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Authentic Saltillo Terracotta


Our handmade terracottas are authentic and classic. They are formed by hand, kiln fired, and sealed at the factory. It is important to understand that this is a handmade product and colour may vary from a butterscotch, warm caramel to rich orange, antique red tones and when put altogether, this creates an exceptional surface filled with character.

In Stock Terracotta: 4"x8" squared edge, 12"x12" in both square edge and round edge.  We also stock natural unsealed 12x12 terracotta as well.

*Please call for all custom sizes.  All terracotta must be re-sealed during installation.



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Authentic Saltillo Terracotta

Round Edge Sealed 12x12"    INSTOCK

Authentic Saltillo Terracotta

Round Edge Unsealed 12x12"     CUSTOM ORDER

Old World Terracotta

Squre Edge    INSTOCK 12x12"     

4x8", 6x6", Hexagon, Octogon     CUSTOM ORDER 

Authentic Saltillo Terracotta

Stair Treads   Old World or Authentic Saltillo

12x12"  Sealed/unsealed   CUSTOM ORDER


Authentic Saltillo Terracotta

Subway   Old World or Authentic Saltillo

  4x8"  Sealed/unsealed Saltillo INSTOCK   

Old World 4x8", 6x12"  CUSTOM ORDER

Authentic Saltillo Terracotta

Square Edge Sealed 12x12"     INSTOCK

Authentic Saltillo Terracotta

Square Edge Unsealed 12x12"     INSTOCK

Authentic Saltillo Terracotta

Hexagon in Authentic Saltillo or Old World   

8" Sealed INSTOCK             12"  CUSTOM ORDER

Authentic Saltillo Terracotta

Fleur de lis   Old World or Authentic Saltillo

8"  Sealed/unsealed   CUSTOM ORDER

Authentic Saltillo Terracotta

6x6" Sealed     CUSTOM ORDER


*Please note that terracotta is a natural handmade product and to expect a 25-30% colour variation.  It is recommended to sort through your tiles in order to randomly place the colours evenly so that you have the best overall look once the tiles are installed.

**All Terracotta must be resealed upon installation.


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