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Seneca Studio

SenecaStudio is a  collection of glazed quarry tiles featuring a unique hand glazing technique that leaves a fluid blending of shades much like a watercolor painting.   Multiple shapes adding drama and style to any setting.

Colour Palette:   Water Lily, Amber Waves & Blue Lagoon.

2.25" x 8" Blue Lagoon

2.25" x 8"Amber Waves

2.25" x 8" Water Lily



Weekday:  Monday - Friday 9am-5pm 

Weekend:  Open Saturday 10am-2pm.  Closed Sunday

Warehouse:  Monday - Friday 8:30am-4pm



Address  #131-9 Burbidge St Coquitlam, BC  CANADA  V3K 7B2

Phone: (604)222.2626   Local: (AREA CODE)222.2626  Fax: (604)222.2612