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Syzygy Tiles

Lee Gruber and David del Junco's combined talents created and launched Syzygy Tile.  Their dedicated artisans work to produce innovative design for a truly hand made, aesthetically pleasing product that is durable, environmentally safe and benefits the local community artistically, economically and environmentally. Their goal is to keep the hand made craftsman tradition alive in the production of our beautiful tile.  Syzygy Tile is Timeless, Sophisticated and Distinctive.



 please click on the images below for further details on SYZYGY tile collections

1.  Choose Colours & Shapes

2.  Add Charm & Interest

3. Keep Designs On-Point with Finishing Touches

Syzygy Tiles in kitchen and bathroom by Bullnose Tile.  Photos courtesy of Barry Calhoun 

Design by Onida Garner of O3 Design,    Vancouver, BC

...and this is why we love Syzygy even more. 

Come and view the details.

Custom Pieces

Love Syzygy but can't find it here? 

Syzygy Tile welcomes custom features and colours made to your needs.



Weekday:  Monday - Friday 9am-5pm 

Weekend:  Open Saturday 10am-2pm.  Closed Sunday

Warehouse:  Monday - Friday 8:30am-4pm



Address  #131-9 Burbidge St Coquitlam, BC  CANADA  V3K 7B2

Phone: (604)222.2626   Local: (AREA CODE)222.2626  Fax: (604)222.2612